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Surnames on this site include Hess, Brigham, Brown, Kinnamon, Johnston, Rufer and Aldrich among others. The information is far from complete, however I am trying to update on a regular basis.

Information about living people cannot be viewed here (a privacy issue) unless you have an account. Accounts are easy and free to set up. After you submit your information, I have to approve you so be patient. If I don't know you, drop me an e-mail explaining who you are to expedite the process.

Most of the information that I have is names and pictures. Where there is further information, it will be posted as a document which will be visible on any individual page. When documents are too large to post I will refer to another source or website.

A good way for you to start using this site is to find yourself and then click on the Ancestors tab. From there you can click on any of the names you find.

Hopefully this site will grow over time as people like you help me in my search. Genealogy, by it's very nature is a work that's never done. I would appreciate any and all information you might have to help make this site more complete. Please Contact Me if you have any corrections or additions or documents that I can use, or would like to contribute to the maintenance of this site. Thanks.

Fred B. Hess, Lynden, WA / Lincoln, NE
Last Update: August, 2016

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